• Saybin Samone

[flaunt] Q + A | KNUCKS

Formerly known on the schoolyard at “Knuckles,” London born and raised rapper-producer Knucks aged up, dropped two letters, and released his first mixtape at age 21, giving birth to his buzzing rap career. Now, at 25, the deep cutting lyricist has only two goals: bridge the gap between the UK and the U.S. and get rich doing it. A man proud of both his Nigerian linage and UK upbringing, Knucks isn’t here to blend in but stand firm in who he is until the day it’s over.

Solidifying his artistry with a release of a new song and newfound optimism for life, his latest song, “Jubilee” digs into his life’s timeline as he reminisces over past summer days over a nostalgic beat. Giving homage to what was, he steps into the present with big ambitions and even bigger skillsets. His dedication landed him in the position to expand, and there’s not a thing that can hold the young and knowledgeable artist back.

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