• Saybin Samone

[La sentinel] Global Star Amara La Negra Vows to Stand Firm in the Fight for Racial Equality

Entertainer Amara La Negra proved herself as an activist since her introduction into American media two years ago on VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop Miami. Her passions have propelled her into a position of influence and leadership as she fights for equal rights for Black and Afro-Latino citizens.

“I’m here. I’m fighting for them. I have always fought for them [and] I will continue to fight.”

Since the coronavirus outbreak, La Negra worked with local organizations in her home of Miami to ensure they were receiving proper and digestible information regarding the virus. Also, when the world witnessed the death of George Floyd, La Negra took to the frontlines demanding justice for Floyd and Breonna Taylor who had been killed months before, both by law enforcement.

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