• Saybin Samone

[one x three] From Dallas to LA - BriJolie has Arrived

Singer and songwriter BriJolie, born Chelsea BriAnne Miller, has a voice that has walked her into rooms people only dream of. From singing in Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir including the tours and album, BriJolie saw with her own eyes a musical genius bring songs to life. With each moment, she soaked up the lessons knowing her day was coming.

Now, on her own, she’s working on her soul and her mind. She created a brand made to fit and a sultry sound tailored to her expertise. Her eccentric ways and effortless voice belt out lyrics to cut, yet her voice polishes over the wounds with a light touch. Her latest single “Truth Is” debuted in the early stages of quarantine to great reviews giving her audience the breakup anthem for the summer. So much so, she hopped back in the studio for a remix with producer and artist Gourty Maxx.

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