• Saybin Samone

[one x three] Chino Cappin' is Switching It Up, From Streetwork to Penwork

Every once in a while we as humans search for or create new starts as we progress and overcome our circumstances. For some, that can be a change of location, new relationship, or a new look. For some people, the change is more drastic, closer to life and death. For some, it's the escape to allow them to be greater than they ever imagine. For one, in particular, it meant cutting his locs, a significant gesture connected to separating the streets from his heart, and picking up the pen to redirect his path.

Chino Cappin', a 19-year-old artist from Fort Valley, Georgia spent the majority of his life with the ability to express himself through words. With a blend of rap and silky melodies, he's been able to grow his expressiveness into a career. Switching from the streets to the studio, he's found solace, peace, and a therapeutic exercise in his own creations. He's also welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, giving him further reason to travel the journey he just recently embarked. With his music as his tool, Chino exercises his right to storytelling inspiring his city to see the better in themselves.

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