• Saybin Samone

[one x three] 13 Sessions | Live With Christyna Pourhabib

Style is a concept many often equate to designer and wealth, but as Pharrell Williams taught so many, "wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket," - style is no different. For many, it was that first fit that fit without any alterations. For some, it was the crisp line up or the perfectly laid silk wrap. For the others, it was the first pair of sneakers that left you with an unmatched feeling of cleanliness.

For the folks who found their fresh through sneakers, Christyna Pourhabib, writer and editor created a space for the sneakerheads to relish on the memory with her debut book The First Pair. Christyna traveled throughout Los Angeles and New York City searching her network and the streets with the question, "What was the first pair of sneakers that made you feel fly?"

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