• Saybin Samone

[one x three] The Self Proclaimed Scumbaby, Peter $un

History tells that hip-hop began as a voice for Black youth and a means to express through music and fashion. Today’s artists make no exception, pushing the limits of what’s “cool” to be more individualistic and authentic. While some flaunt colored hairstyles and off-the-runway looks, others stick to the classic streetwear styles that age with grace.

Without a doubt, the word honesty is a pilar within the hip-hop community. Through the years, the greatest have held up despite what popular culture deems hip-hop due to their ability to remain authentic in themselves. That honesty allows listeners to take in each bar one by one by one and build a connection to the artist. One, in particular, Richmond, Virginia’s own Peter $un aka Sunny the self-proclaimed “scumbaby” who functions effortlessly on his level of cool.

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